With so many employment agencies out there it was a challenge for us to find one that suited our needs. The staff at Concept II Employment, now known as Concept Staffing Inc., are didicated people who continually listen to our needs and follow through on our demands. They understand our business and have the ability to provide us with just the right employee every time. Some of these temporary placements have turned to full time staff for us.

- AltimaxCourrier.com

Our company focus is commercial equipment installation and when we need staff, we need them fast. We decided to try Concept II Employment, now known as Concept Staffing Inc., and 8 years later we continue to be happy with the turn around time and quality of staff they provide. John and Monica are good people and are always there to help when we need them.

- Babineau Installation

We have been using Concept II Employment, now known as Concept Staffing Inc., for the past two years and have been very happy with the service they are prviding our company. They take care of our short term hirring needs very efficiently making the hiring process easy and painless.

- AKZNobel.com



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What is an employment agency?

A private firm whose business is placing people in jobs

What is permanent placement?

The bringing together of a job seeker and a prospective employer for the purpose of effecting a " permanent" employment

What is temporary placement?

Temporary work or temporary employment refers to a situation where the employee is expected to leave the employer within a certain period of time. Temporary employees are sometimes called "contractual", "seasonal", "interim", "casual staff", "freelance"; or the word may be shortened to "temps."

What is the process for employment seekers?

We have direct hire policy (fee paid by employer), temp to hire (temp employee must either stay on temp payroll a certain number of weeks or the employer must pay a fee-depending on the salary range of the person they want to hire) and straight temporary positions.